08/16/12 - 2012 has been released

Last year, K7-Games and Utopioneer Games joined together to make the indie game company, Gliese Games. We have been working in the past year on a large scale project called 2012. The game is finally up or release on the Xbox 360 indie games channel, and soon, the PC. So be sure to check it out here: 2012. And of course, for information on the game, just go here: GlieseGames.com

04/01/12 - Gliese Games and 2012

K7-Games would like to announce to everyone that it's jointed with Utopioneer games to develop future projects together. This site will remain, however I'd highly encourage all to check out our announcement for our first game, "2012." Visit our site for more information! www.GlieseGames.com.

03/24/12 - Bit-hacker Released!

After a long review process, bit-hacker has been accepted and placed on the marketplace for anyone to try out or purchase for small amount of 80 microsoft points. An update is on its way and will be put into review as well on the 30th of March. This update will include a better tutorial for anyone still confused and also a bug that was found during the review process. Stay tuned, and thank you to those who have purchased the game!

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