Genre: Simulation
Release Date: March 23, 2011

Starting from a small body, build a large satellite in the orbit of any of the four rocky planets of your choice! Be careful, though! Strategy is the key to making sure you build a strong satellite. Putting the wrong piece somewhere could lead to future disasters...Try to build a satellite and see how good you are to find out what we mean! While you're at it, make sure to fight off your enemies with turrets and space ships. Choose from either side, being the pirates or the good ol' federation!

In Satellite, the goal is to basically build a large city in space, really. Each part connects to a previous "node" that creates a long chain of buildings connecting to one central piece. We have completed the game and are waiting for some art work, along with the creation of a video. The player will be able to take on missions, use their own fighter ships to fight on enemies that invade, etc.

* Designer: Will McGarity
* Sprites: Will McGarity
* Programmer: Will McGarity
* 3D Artist: Sam Harbin
* Menu Music: Avenger - H is for....
* In-Game music: Shane - Insactuary - Back & Forth
* Sound Effects: Will McGarity
* Cover art: Wolfgang Wozniak and Amanda Cover

Answer to in-game Mission: In this order, HOLD down left Dpad, then hold down the left bumper (Still holding Dpad!), and then while still holding those two buttons, push the Right Trigger all the way!

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