Genre: Strategy/Educational
Release Date:March 23, 2012

Take on the role of a professional hacker who has finally released him/herself into the internet after many years of studying hacking. After only testing your skills on your own servers and friends homes, you've decided it's time to take on the real role of major well-known websites. Hack sites such as yourspace, yeehaw, and nolifebook to show off your professionalism. Fight your way through, avoiding viruses and worms - or even other hackers - along with answering questions to reach your destination.

As the description says, you'll be controlling a "bit-hacker" and lead yourself through networks of all kinds to simply fulfill one goal - hack the enemy server. There are many enemies to avoid while running around on the map, along with questions that will help you destroy firewalls or encrypted servers. Be wary, however... Your bit-hacker is limited on lives. Lose them all and you'll fail to hack the enemy server.!

* Designer and Programmer: Will McGarity
* Cover art: Amanda Cover
* Music:
-- Nostalgia! by Neon-BardEasy
-- 8-bit Frolic by SuperBastard
-- 8-bit Tomb Hacker by Mattuiop
-- Bit-revenge by hobowono
-- Lost Snes Game by GameMusicPersonthing
-- 12121 by Bunnymajs
* Sound Effects: Will McGarity and misc. free-to-use websites

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