Genre: RPG
Release Date: August 16, 2012
Released under 'Gliese Games', not K7-Games

Taking place in Arenal, Guatemala – many people await impatiently for the final doomsday to arrive on December 21st. The question that arises on all of their minds is, what will happen on the doomsday... A worldwide flood? A dangerous Solar flare? As the citizens of the world wait patiently and count down to the possible end of times, a surprise they never would have expected looms closer as the time passes by.

* Lead Designers: Will McGarity and Ryan Stokes
* Slides Artist: James Gifford
* Cover Art: Taylor Sauer
* UI Artist: Amanda Cover
* Sprites: "Derek" and Will McGarity
* Developers: Will McGarity and Ryan Stokes
* Foley Artist: Casey Stokes
* Music: Kevin MacLeod
* Special Thanks
-- Silveira Neto
-- Erico Lebedenco
-- TheBlueJoker
-- BoltCutterDesign
-- Sebastiano
-- Greenleaf-Stock
-- Juan de Leyden

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