2019 and beyond

So at this time, K7-Games is really only run by me (Will) with on and off members here and there. Life is busy, work is work... But there are intentions to keep things going with K7-Games eventually.

Unfortunately, with work being so busy, other hobbies taking over, and me trying to work on other side projects that are not "video games", making games that I deem good for release or k7-games-worthy is a little difficult on my own.

That being said, I do have intentions of continuing to work on a "dream game" that will probably take a long time to finish. When and if I get to that, I'll release it under K7-Games. Otherwise, future games may be just simple free-to-play games that I create for fun side projects without any end goal except to keep myself refreshed in creating video games.

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"Kuataji" (2019-04-28 06:23:33)

K7 games, how about epic raiders?