2019 Releases

So at this time, K7-Games is really only run by me (K73SK) with on and off members here and there. Life is busy, work is work... But there are intentions to keep things going with K7-Games eventually.

I've been pushing on the gas at full speed to get myself back into this game development life and pull something new out again. I've got a few projects that I want to work on briefly and a couple of very large ones that will take quite a long time to come out.

With that being said, in 2019 I would like to at least release one or two "small" games. These will likely be free, unless I see a reason to change that. With them being free, I'll look at whether Steam is an option. If not, then this website will contain the game installers to play them with.

2019 and beyond, I'll have a couple of really large projects coming out. So look forward to those.

The intention is to get the Gliese Games name back eventually. The name's catchier and cooler than K7-Games, right? :) So stay tuned for 2019 including us bringing that and possibly this whole site simply moving over to a new URL.

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